Architectural and Demolition Guidelines Updates, 2021-2022 

Changes to the Architectural Guidelines for Historic Preservation may affect older and historic buildings throughout the city and all buildings in the local Historic Preservation Zoning districts

Guiding this process is The City of St. Augustine Historic Preservation Element of the Comprehensive Plan which includes the following goals:

  • Preserve and protect the historic and authentic character of St. Augustine to minimize the demolition of historic buildings and structures
  • Preserve and enhance the authentic features of St. Augustine's heritage and scale of the built environment in the distinctive neighborhoods, districts, structures, buildings, and vistas to strengthen St. Augustine's ability to convey the heritage of the city's diversity and development patterns

Specific objectives provide direction to revise the Historic Architectural Review Board ordinance with respect to definitions and demolition review thresholds and to revise the Architectural Guidelines for Historic Preservation (AGHP) to include changes in materials, technologies, staff approval guidelines, and provide property owners an expectation of what will and will not be approved by using more illustrations and descriptions that can be easily applied.  The 2018 Historic Preservation Master Plan inspired the adopted Comprehensive Plan and is also a resource for considering potential changes to the architectural and demolition review process.

Will your property be affected?  Click here to review a map that identifies the local historic districts, National Register historic districts, and other historically designated properties.  These properties represent less than 25% of the buildings in the entire city and are the buildings that the city is striving to preserve.

Public Workshops and Meetings

Participate and follow any of these opportunities to contribute to this effort.  Property owners and businesses in a local historic preservation zoning district  and those who own or manage any older and historic buildings throughout the city are especially encouraged.

9/11/21 (10a-12p) Galimore Center Preservation Forum,      Part One Flyer
9/28/21 (5:30p) Zoom/Digital Media Preservation Forum, Part Two link and video will be posted here

Waterworks Opens in new windowVisit an interactive ArcGIS StoryMap to learn more about proposed changes that include more definitions of partial demolition throughout the city and associated design review by HARB:

Preserving the Historic Building Envelope

 *Meetings Related to HARB Design Review Associated with Partial Demolition Only*

Previous meetings held for discussion regarding HARB design review tied to partial demolition approvals for areas outside HP zoning districts for approximately 1,600 historic buildings in the city limits.
Date Entity Link Video Stream
August 25, 2021 Neighborhood Council Webinar Link (expired) Video link (opens YouTube)
June 16, 2021 PZB Workshop Meeting Packet Video
June 1, 2021 PZB  Meeting Packet Video
February 18, 2021 HARB Meeting Packet Video
November 19, 2020 HARB Meeting Packet Video
October 15, 2020 HARB Meeting Packet Video
February 20, 2020 HARB Meeting Packet Video
January 16, 2020 HARB Meeting Packet Video