Historic Architectural Review Board Applications

Applications must be submitted according to the deadline schedule to meet legal advertising requirements. Helpful information is provided below to guide a project through the review process.  

Architectural Guidelines for Historic Preservation (AGHP)

The AGHP provides the basis the the review of redevelopment and new construction projects within Historic Preservation Zones (HP-1, HP-2, HP-3, HP-4, HP-5) as well as properties that face HP-1, HP-2, or HP-3 districts. The review criteria for demolition and relocations is also included in the AGHP.

Paint colors for historic preservation zoning districts can be found here.

Historic District Interactive Map

Criteria for Review Process

The City Code of Ordinances outlines the process and criteria for the HARB review process.

Please submit your complete HARB applicationand credit card authorization form via email to harb@citystaug.com.  

Application Forms

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