Planning & Building

The Planning and Building Department provides certified professional services for the enforcement of the city’s codes relating to the use of land and State of Florida regulations relating to the health, safety, and welfare of residents and visitors of St. Augustine. 


All permits may be obtained at the Planning and Building Department or on the Planning and Building Permits, Forms and Applications Page. This includes forms for:

  • Archaeology
  • Building
  • Business Licensing
  • Land Development
  • The Non-Residential Use of Property
  • Remodeling
  • Residential
  • Signs

Zoning Atlas

The City’s Zoning Atlas is available online at this link which provides the zoning of a property in the City limits. The future land use of a property is available online at this  link (click on the layer list in the top right corner to display the future land use tab). Please reference our future land use documentChapter 28 of City Code lists our zoning regulations is available online at this link.

Support for Boards

Under the leadership of Director Amy Skinner, the Planning and Building Department also provides staff support for the Planning and Zoning Board, Historic Architectural Review Board, Corridor Review Committee, and the Code Enforcement Board. Information and agendas for all of these boards are available through their pages.

Planning and Zoning Board

Please submit your complete PZB application with supporting documentation as one PDF file through the Planning & Building Department portal (google chrome must be used for portal submittal). PZB Roster is available here.

Historic Architectural Review Board

Please submit your complete HARB application via email to To pay Application fees, please call or stop by the Planning and Building Department. 

Development Review Committee (Friday Review Meeting)

Development Review Committee is comprised of the City’s Planning, Building, Public Works and Fire Department which reviews proposed developments within the City for compliance with applicable codes and regulations. There is a $20 fee for review, please apply through the Planning & Building Department portal (google chrome must be used for portal submittal) and upload all supporting documentation (site and floor plan). The meetings are held every Friday at 8:30 a.m., the application deadline is Friday by 4:00 pm to be placed on the agenda for review the following Friday.