Management Plan Process

The State of Florida acquired Fish Island in November 2019. In mid-2020, the City of St. Augustine will receive a lease from the state. At that time, the City will become the manager of Fish Island.

Within 10 months of an executed lease, the City is required to submit a management plan to the state’s Acquisition and Restoration Council (ARC) for approval. ARC is comprised of members from each of the state’s land management agencies, the Florida Department of State, two agency-appointed members and four governor-appointed members. ARC’s responsibilities include evaluating and ranking the state’s land acquisition projects and reviewing management plans for state-owned conservation lands.

There is great deal of information that goes into an ARC-approved management plan. Besides the natural and cultural resource information, there is a recreation/conceptual land use portion, and goals, objectives and a budget with a 10-year planning horizon. For a good example, please see the Anastasia State Park management plan.

An important part of the management planning process is to have a public workshop and a management advisory group meeting. The City is planning on doing these two things in August or September 2020. Before that can happen, the City wants the public’s input on what they would like to see at Fish Island. If you are interested in providing input, please take the Fish Island Public Input Questionnaire. The information from the survey will be compiled and used in developing the recreation/conceptual land use portion of the Fish Island management plan. If you would prefer to not take the survey but want to provide comments, please send us an e-mail.

The City’s goal is to have a draft management plan submitted to ARC in September-October 2020. Once ARC has approved the plan, then the plan will go to the City Commission for its approval.