Drainage System Maintenance

The City’s drainage system, including storm drains and streams, is designed to carry away water during a storm and help prevent floods. Dumping, debris, soil erosion, and overgrowth of vegetation can compromise the drainage system. When this happens, flooding occurs more frequently and reaches higher elevations, subjecting otherwise safe properties to unnecessary damage.

No Dumping into Drains

Dumping waste down storm drains or into streams or other water bodies is not only bad for the environment but is also illegal. To help keep our drainage systems functioning, do not dump or throw anything into ditches, storm drains, streams or rivers. Keep grass clippings and other debris out of stormwater drains. This will prevent clogging and loss of stormwater storage and treatment capacity.

If you see localized drainage problems or dumping into storm drains, streams, ditches or rivers, call the Planning and Building Department at 904-825-1065, the Public Works Department at 904-825-1040 or the Florida Department of Environmental Protection at 904-807-3300.