Property Protection Measures

There are ways you can protect your property from flood damage before the flood occurs. If there is an imminent flood threat, you can take these Emergency Measures:

  • Place sandbags or plastic sheeting in front of doorways and other low entry points.
  • Elevate furniture above flood protection levels.
  • Move valuable items to a higher level.
  • Create floodway openings in non-habitable areas such as garage doors.
  • Seal off sewer lines to the dwelling to prevent the backflow of sewer waters.
  • You can also make permanent changes to protect a building from flood damage:
    • Keep water away by regrading the lot.
    • Build a small floodwall or earthen berm. This can be helpful for some houses on slab foundations.
    • If your house is on a crawlspace, a low floodwall, berm or “wet floodproofing” may help. Wet floodproofing means moving all items subject to damage out of harm’s way so water can flow into the crawlspace without causing problems.
    • Make the walls waterproof and put watertight closures over the doors. This is called “dry floodproofing.”
    • If floodwaters go over the first floor, you can raise the building above flood levels.
    • Electrical panel boxes, furnaces, water heaters, and washers and dryers should be elevated or relocated to a location less likely to be flooded.

Planning & Building Department

The City’s Planning and Building Department can help you determine which of these methods is most appropriate for your home, and you will need a permit to make permanent retrofits to your home or building. If you’re interested in elevating your home above the flood level, the city may be able to apply for a federal grant that would cover 75% of the cost.

More information on floods and the risks to property owners can be found at the FloodSmart website.

Have a historic home? Visit the Flooding and Historic Properties page for information on protecting your piece of St. Augustine history.