Pablo Sabate

  1. Introduction
  2. Project Specifics
  3. The Late First Spanish Period (1672 to 1763)
  4. The Sabate Occupation (1777 to 1840s)
  5. The Late 19th Century
  6. The 20th Century
  7. Conclusion

Map Illustrating Test Unit Locations and Temporal Occupation of the SiteSt. Augustine’s colonial downtown district exists as the most enduring location of European origin in the United States, having been settled since 1572. A diverse array of archaeological resources, the result of 438 years of concentrated human occupation, reflects the community’s multicultural heritage. 

Report Information

This report presents preliminary information from the Archaeology Division’s investigations at the Pablo Sabate Site in 2009. It illustrates the complexity of archaeological deposits derived from the continuous redevelopment. This project yielded an assortment of archaeological features and items dating from the late 1600s to the early 1900s, with some deposits reflecting the City’s more colorful past.