Getting Around Town

Being a small town does have its advantages. St. Augustine is extremely walkable with friendly and inviting spaces in the Old City. Being a popular town, does have its disadvantages for motoring travelers. 

Congestion of the City

St. Augustine experiences significant congestion during certain peak periods and parking is limited. Travelers in and through St. Augustine are advised to plan ahead and schedule their trips accordingly. Keep in mind that sometimes the most direct route may not be the quickest.

  1. Bicycling
  2. Parking
  3. Personal Vehicle
  4. Seasonal Shuttle Service
  5. Taxi / Vehicles for Hire
  6. Transit Services
  7. Walking & Handicapped Accessibility
  8. STAR Circulator

A favorite mode of transportation in the downtown area by bicycle. Though with the narrow streets, don’t expect dedicated bike lanes; however, most major transportation routes through the city have sharrows, along with Share the Route signs. With over 30 bike parking locations in and around the most frequently visited and popular spots around the city, we invite you to ride in and enjoy your time here. 

Bicycle Plan

The city is connected to many cycling opportunities leading to recreational and scenic locations within St. Johns County. Read about the city's early efforts to integrate bicycle-friendly features in the 2011 Bicycle Plan (PDF).