What is Mobility?  

As part of the Vision Plan, it is critically important that St. Augustine be an easily accessible, pedestrian-friendly city with a variety of transportation and parking options designed to support the needs and enhance the experience of all who live, work, and visit here.

We are constantly looking to implement a comprehensive set of mobility solutions designed to address the needs and challenges of a city that continues to grow in popularity and diversity.

Guiding Principles

  • Always balance the needs of residents, businesses, and visitors
  • Be inclusive in all design and planning activities, but deliberate in implementing solutions that support the mobility vision
  • Solutions must preserve the historic town plan of the City and its street aesthetic
  • Agile implementation of solutions (iterate, learn and adjust) with the intent of long term sustainability

Key Enablers & Initiatives

  • Effective utilization and analysis of real-time data to guide the design and implementation of mobility solutions
  • Shifting peak parking demand to the outskirts of the city
  • Effectively managing automobile capacity in the historic core of the city
  • Utilizing technology to put intelligent mobility and informational tools in the hands of the traveler and to support the city in the management and enforcement of its mobility solutions
  • Providing transportation alternatives such as:
    • Intelligent use of rights-of-way to support multiple vehicle alternatives
    • Local transit access for individuals whose destination is the historic core
    • Expanded and enhanced bicycle and pedestrian access
    • Provide parking options that are in unison with the objectives of all other mobility initiatives