Pay a Ticket / Parking Invoices

  1. Appeal a Ticket
  2. Pay a Ticket
  3. Pay an Invoice

Please note, appeals can only be made by email to Parking, mail, or in person. Download the Application to Appeal a Parking Ticket (PDF). The recipient has 15 days from the date the ticket is received to appeal. In order to appeal, contact the city's Parking Supervisor at: 

Financial Services Center
50 Bridge Street
St. Augustine, FL 32084

Phone: 904-825-1034

Processing Requests

After requesting the required information, the Customer Service Supervisor will submit your request to the St. Johns County Clerk of Courts. A letter will be sent to you from the City of St. Augustine confirming your request to appeal. Once an appeal is made, tickets cannot be paid at the city's Financial Services Center; all contact must be made through the Clerk of Courts. A letter will then be sent from the Clerk of Courts notifying you and the officer when to appear in court.

Do not pay your fine if you are appealing it.

Important Information

Once the ticket is forwarded to the Clerk of Courts, you waive the right to pay the current amount of the parking fine to the City of St. Augustine. The Clerk's office will apply a $10 processing fee to the amount due for all appeals the recipient withdraws.

If the Clerk of Courts judge upholds the ticket, it may be subject to court costs.