Street & Lot Parking Downtown

Founded in 1565, the City of St. Augustine town plan was originally laid out in the late sixteenth century for foot traffic, walking, for horses, and horse-drawn carriages. Cars, trucks, SUVs, Segways, trolleys, trains, and bicycles were not even invented, much less imagined here! That's the reason the streets are so narrow, many of which are one-way, and many streets having overhanging balconies. Due to these narrow streets, parking in downtown and downtown neighborhoods in St. Augustine has always been at a premium.

Your first stop should be at the Visitor Information Center, where you can park in the Downtown Parking Garage.

We have compiled a list of Parking FAQs and Tips for parking in St. Augustine. We hope you find what you are looking for, and if you still have questions, please contact the Customer Service Office at 904-825-1037. Our offices are not open on the weekends, however, if you leave a message on our voicemail, send an email to Parking or message us on Facebook, we will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours of returning to the office, on the following business day.

Parking Lots & Pay Stations

Parking lots and metered parking spaces are located throughout the downtown area. You will also find on-street parking available in other areas, which will require payment for parking at pay stations. Parking enforcement hours vary by location and are posted on each pay-station. Look for the clearly labeled City of St. Augustine pay stations.

Parking Lot / Meter Locations

Privately Owned Lots

There are several privately owned lots throughout the city with their own pay stations. All city-owned pay stations and will clearly display the City crest along with the ParkStAug app icon.


For St. Johns County residents, the ParkStAug app will honor a resident discount, once you register online at ParkStAug and receive an approval. You will be asked to provide proof of residency, and within 14 business days (or less), the resident discount will be applied to your account when you log in to the app and use it to pay to park.Park St Aug

  • Find a parking space before you "feed" the meter!
  • Parking lot and on-street time limit is 4 hours
  • Rate: $2.50 per hour / $0.50 per hour with resident discount
  • Parking Garage: $20 per entry / $3 per entry with resident discount