Proclamations & Recognitions


A proclamation is an official public announcement or declaration given by the Mayor and/or Commission to formally recognize a special event which is deemed to be of interest and/or benefit to a significant number of citizens of St. Augustine. Proclamations are an excellent way of providing valuable education, awareness and information to the citizens of the City of St. Augustine about the efforts and achievements of organizations that positively impact or enhance our community.

Certificate of Recognition / Certificate of Appreciation

The City of St. Augustine can also issue a certificate of recognition or certificate of appreciation when proclamations are not appropriate. Certificates are issued at no charge to individuals and groups and only bear the signature of the sponsoring Commissioner.

Requesting a Proclamation or Certificate

Proclamations and Certificates require a Commissioner sponsor. Visit the City Commission page for contact information. Once a Commissioner has agreed to sponsor your request, you can utilize our online request form or e-mail your request to