Wastewater Collection & Treatment

The City’s wastewater collection system is composed of 79.3 miles of gravity sewer conveyance system, 60.7 miles of forcemains, 75 lift stations and 2,100 manholes.

Wastewater Treatment

The City’s Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) has a permitted capacity of 4.95 MGD and utilizes a complete mix activated sludge treatment process with a headworks system for removal of grit and debris, biological treatment units (BTUs) which provide aeration, clarifiers, disinfection chambers and post aeration. Effluent is disinfected utilizing peracetic acid, an innovative process which eliminates the creation of environmentally damaging chlorinated disinfection byproducts and reduced chemical costs. Residuals are treated and dewatered using a belt press. Effluent from the WWTP is discharged to the Matanzas River.

Report a Sewer Spill

Call the Public Works Department at 904-825-1040 during the day and 904-825-1044 after hours to report a sewer spill.

Biological Treatment Unit
Headworks Structure
Pump Station