Billing Structure

As a result of the committee discussions and recommendations, in October 2013 city staff presented to the city commission a plan to update the stormwater fee with increased fairness by refining the relationship between impervious area and utility fee, as shown:

Home TypeMonthly Cost

Average home - impervious area between 1,444 and 4,400 square feet

$8 per month

Large home - impervious area greater than 4,400 square feet

$12.80 per month

Mobile home

$6.80 per month

Multifamily unit - condos, apartments, duplex, etc.

$3.04 per month

Non-residential customers

$8 per billing unit per month

Small home - impervious area less than 1,444 square feet


How Fee Structure is Evaluated

The non-residential fee structure is now based on the estimated home size compared to the statistical sampled average of a single family home in St. Augustine. The new residential sample resulted in a single family unit of 2,752 square feet, instead of the 2,000 square feet used as a statewide average reference in the current utility.

Non-residential customers will pay $7 per month for each billing unit and will not have a 20,000 square-foot cap as they did before. The funds from the program are already being used to fund the stormwater component of the Old Dixie Highway and the downtown streetscaping.