Current Street Paving Projects

Email the Public Works Department or call at 904-825-1040 if you have any questions regarding street paving projects. The following list is for street paving projects to be completed in 2023:

On this Street

  • St. George Street
  • South Dixie Highway
  • Cordova Street
  • Carrera Street
  • Riberia Street
  • North Whitney Street
  • Florida Ave
  • Francher Court
  • Eugene Place
  • Ocean Vista Avenue/Lighthouse Boat Ramp

From This Street                                To This Street

  • South Street                               Francis Street
  • Pellicer Lane                              SR 207
  • King Street                                 Orange Street
  • US 1                                           Cordova Street
  • Orange Street                            Grove Avenue
  • Ravenwood Drive                      Chapin Street
  • Evergreen Avenue                     N of Helen Street
  • Casanova Road                         Casanova Road
  • Francher Court                           Dead End
  • Red Cox Drive                            Dead End

                                                            Pavement Management Dashboard shows where paving will take place until 2030

Pavement Management Plan