The Fire Prevention Division focuses on educating the community about the benefits of proper fire safety practices and identifying and mitigating all types of hazardous conditions, which post a threat to life, property and the environment. Division Chief Bob Growick is head of the Fire Prevention Division and additionally he is designated as the City of St. Augustine’s Fire Marshal. This division works closely with the City’s Planning and Building Department to ensure safety through construction plan review and code compliance.

The prevention of fire before it starts is of paramount importance in effectively protecting life and property. Public education, annual inspection of businesses and ensuring strict code compliance on newly constructed buildings are all methods utilized to reduce fire incidents.


This division provides a number of other services related to protecting the lives and property of its citizens which include:

  • Annual school fire prevention programs
  • Fire investigation
  • In to house training for the shift fire safety inspectors
  • In to service training for local groups and businesses
  • Installation for smoke alarm and hearing-impaired smoke alarms
  • Juvenile fire-setter prevention and intervention program
  • Providing guest speakers for civic groups and other meetings