Stormwater Resilience Master Plan

Utilizing American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Funds, the city proposes to update its Stormwater Resilience Master Plan. 

The City’s Comprehensive Plan Under the Conservation and Coastal Management Element recommended that the City update its stormwater master plan within two (2) years. The last stormwater master plan was completed in 2013. Since then, we’ve completed a Coastal Vulnerability Assessment and Strategic Adaptation.

Plans completed with multiple other studies to address our coastal flood vulnerabilities and future challenges. This updated stormwater resilience master plan will build upon the previously completed work (such as the South Davis Shores Resilience Study), integrating all relevant previous studies done to date.

This will include the State’s recent guidance and requirements for completing a vulnerability study and to evaluate rainfall, coastal surge, and compound flooding. In general, the study will:

• Re-evaluate our flood risk using the latest data and projections for sea level rise (taking into consideration climatic patterns, changes to groundwater levels, rainfall patterns, saltwater intrusion etc.)

• Identify opportunities for improving water quality

• Identify resilient natural and built coastal features and infrastructure strategies

• Consider cost-benefit analysis for identified strategies, including an economic analysis to consider the social and environmental impacts of the various strategies

• Outreach and educational component

• Provide a “road map” for capital improvement projects to better prioritize our limited resources

2013 Stormwater Master Plan Final Report

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