The Operations Command consists of 2 divisions and 6 units:

  • Patrol Division
    The largest part of the department is responsible for responding to calls for service and providing crime suppression through routine patrols.
  • Special Events Division
    Responsible for organizing and staffing the many special events and off-duty assignments inside the City of St. Augustine.
  • Bicycle Unit
    This unit has the same responsibilities as a Patrol Officer but is typically assigned to a smaller area, which provides a quicker and more mobile response.
  • Traffic Unit
    Concentrates patrol efforts on the enforcement of traffic laws and responding to traffic crashes.
  • Flagler College Unit
    Assigned to provide police services on the campus of the Flagler College.
  • Marine Unit
    Concentrates patrol efforts on the enforcement of laws in the waterways of the City of St. Augustine.
  • Downtown Walking Unit
    Concentrates patrol efforts in the small, core downtown area that includes St. George Street.
  • Community Outreach Unit
    Responsible for identifying the City's vulnerable homeless citizens and ensuring that they are offered and receive any resources that are available to them.