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Building Inspections

  1. City Logo
  2. New Public Portal for Building Permits, Building Inspections, & Tree Removal Permits
  3. When registering for an account please use the same email that is noted on the contractor file to avoid errors & delays.

  4. NOTE: Only one login is allowed per contractor. It is recommended to use a “generic” email address so that multiple employees have access to your permits. We can change the email in our contractor files to accommodate this.

  5. To register, submit building permits, & schedule inspections visit:

  6. For best results please use Chrome as your web browser to avoid issues.

    Also, if you have issues try switching to a desktop or laptop for best results.

    Clearing your browsing history and/or cache may also help resolve issues you have along the way.

  7. To see a short video that shows how to register, apply for permits, and schedule inspections, visit this site:

  8. If you have any issues with registering, please email


    If you try to schedule an inspection and it is not available, please email

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