How does this apply to a private reception?

The ordinance does not regulate state caterer permits for private receptions.

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1. Will this ordinance close down bars on St. Augustine at 10 p.m.?
2. Are bar owners going to be responsible for bad actions of their patrons once they leave the bar?
3. If I taste a cocktail as I make it, will I be in violation of the ordinance?
4. Aren't the requirements for training and security really complicated?
5. Is it a violation if a hotel guest drinks from the mini bar in their room?
6. How does this apply to a private reception?
7. If we try to comply with all the rules and we make a mistake, can the City revoke the permit?
8. Do I need an after hours permit if I only have late night service for New Year's Eve?
9. What if there is an emergency curfew or an evacuation order because of a hurricane?
10. Does the ordinance have a bunch of new requirements that my bar has to follow?
11. What about other recommendations that came our of the stakeholder meetings held by the Responsible Hospitality Institute and its report?
12. Where can I read the latest version of the ordinance and when is it going for second reading and public hearing?