My house flooded – where do I begin?

Start by calling your insurance provider immediately regarding homeowners and flood insurance policies, as well as auto insurance policies if vehicles were damaged.

Depending on the recommendations of your insurance you should photograph, measure, and document all damage to personal belongings and property.

Confirm with your insurance provider before removing damaged household goods and setting them curbside for disposal.  When you do remove damaged goods to the street, be sure to separate them into piles, one for construction debris, one for household good, and another for yard debris.  Refer to this illustration for proper disposal.

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1. My house flooded – where do I begin?
2. Do I contact the city to report damage to my home?
3. How and when can I get assistance for damages?
4. Will I be able to speak to someone in person?
5. Is there assistance available if I’m not insured?
6. When will the city begin collecting debris?
7. How do I dispose of sandbags?
8. What can I do in the future to protect my home from flood damage?
9. Can I use water for laundry and showering?
10. What can be done to stop people from driving fast through high water which creates a wake that pushes into my house?
11. What can be done to control scavenging?
12. Can I get this list in print format?