Explain the flood insurance 2.0

Flood Insurance 2.0 is a new way of rating insurance rates and FEMA has info on web about it. It will be determined by your property location specifically. 

Please visit: https://www.fema.gov/flood-insurance/risk-rating for more information. 

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1. Who do I have to have insurance through?
2. How high do I need to elevate my structure?
3. Are contractor quotes only elevate the house, or should they also cover other construction tasks?
4. I had NFIP insurance but then switched to a private carrier, does the program care if I switched to a private carrier?
5. Explain the flood insurance 2.0
6. How long do you have to switch to NFIP insurance?
7. Will I be obligated to follow through with the grant once I submit my homeowner packet and other documents?
8. Is this mitigation grant specifically for raising the property?
9. Would the city or council have documentation like the EC (elevation certificate) of the property?
10. Where can I find the FMA Program Homeowner Presentation?
11. What historic zones need approval by historic preservation before elevation?
12. If we want to be in the grant program, must we have flood insurance?
13. To apply what do I need to send in?
14. Requirements for mitigation reconstruction
15. To whom can I communicate documentation towards my application?
16. What homes need historic preservation review before elevation, demolition, or reconstruction?
17. Should I get the grant money to elevate my home, then does the government have a lien on my home?