How can the Mobility Plan address congestion?

The Mobility Plan proactively plans for multimodal infrastructure improvements, programs, and services needed to further enhance the walkability of the Historic Districts. The Plan also emphasizes creating a park-once environment that promotes using dynamic parking management strategies to encourage visitors to park their car in future multimodal parking garages on the periphery of the Historic Districts and using electric bikes, trolley circulators, and other forms of mobility, other than driving a car, to explore the City.

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1. What is a Mobility Plan?
2. Why does the City need a Mobility Plan?
3. How can the Mobility Plan address congestion?
4. What type of projects are included in the Mobility Plan?
5. How will the City fund Mobility Plan projects?
6. How will the City prioritize Mobility Plan projects?
7. What is a Mobility Fee?
8. What is Transportation Concurrency?
9. Is the City repealing Transportation Concurrency?
10. How was the Mobility Fee developed?
11. When is the City going to adopt Mobility Fees?
12. Who pays a Mobility Fee?
13. When does new development activity pay its Mobility Fees?
14. How is a Mobility Fee determined for new development?
15. Are offsets or credits available for Mobility Fees?
16. What happens to Mobility Fees paid to the City?
17. Where can Mobility Fees be spent?
18. What can Mobility Fees be spent on?