What is the city doing about the flooding?


To try and mitigate the city-wide flooding that occurs yearly, Capital Improvement Projects (CIP's) must be planned, designed and constructed. A Capital Improvement Project is any major improvement to City facilities and infrastructure. Capital Improvement Projects are varied, so some may require years of planning and construction while others may be completed in a shorter timeframe. The majority of resilience-based CIP's are years-long efforts that utilize grant funding and from both the state and federal level along with a cost share out of the city's yearly budget. 

Resident's can see the breakdown of the city's annual budget here.

Residents can visit the links below to learn more about current CIP's to mitigate flooding and past CIP's that have been completed:


Other efforts to attempt to mitigate flooding include regular maintenance on the city's storm drains and basins done by the city's Transmission and Distribution department. If you would like to request a storm drain be maintained or report flooding in your area, please fill out the form: 



Every quarter a presentation is given to the city's commission regarding Public Works and Utilities Updates, which includes a breakdown of Capital Improvement Projects. 

To view the quarterly update presentations, select the link here.

To watch the latest update given to commission regarding Capital Improvement Projects, click here.

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