How long will it take to provide water/sewer service to a residence?

Providing service will take some time! – Typical connections require between 60 days for simple meter-only installations, to 120 days (or more) for new service taps, following payment of connection charges. Some connections may require longer than 120 days for complex projects. It is the customer’s responsibility to pay connection charges enough in advance to allow time for service to be provided. Once installed, a new water meter is locked and can be unlocked once the user sets up a Utility Account.

Emergency Situation

If your availability request is a true unanticipated emergency situation (for example, if your well has run dry), clearly state "Emergency Request" on your availability application and provide the nature and details of your emergency. In these cases, City staff will do our best to rush the connection process following fee payment by the customer; however, certain regulations (such as utility locates and permits) must still be followed which will take some time beyond our control.

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