Can development of property not adjacent to existing City water / sewer lines be built?

Generally, the City does not fund or install line extensions or utility upgrades. A permit application and complete set of civil engineering construction plans meeting City requirements is required to be submitted directly to the Public Works Department for review of proposed utilities. New utilities may only be installed in open and improved public rights-of-way or easements as approved by the City.

Developer's Responsibility

The developer is responsible for:

  • Approvals
  • Associated costs required for the utility work for the subject property
  • Construction
  • Design
  • Materials
  • Permitting
  • Professional land surveying
  • Right-of-way restoration
  • Testing

Acceptance of Utilities

The developer is responsible for owning and maintaining all of the remaining utilities on the customer side of the meters and on the subject property. Following acceptance of utilities by the City, the City will own and maintain domestic water lines up to and including:

  • Fire hydrant lines up to and including public hydrants
  • Fire protection taps up to the property line or backflow device
  • Meter assemblies
  • Sanitary sewer manholes, mains and service lines up to the first cleanout on the sewer tap or at the property line


The City will inspect utility construction by the developer’s Florida licensed and bonded underground utility contractor. The developer, consultants and contractors must adhere to the City’s current Construction and Dedication Requirements in effect at the time of construction. Utilities that are not constructed to City standards and specifications will not be placed in service.

Plan Submittals

Visit the Development and Utility Connections page for help with plan submittals and requirements.

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