Distances required between driveways/intersections?

Although City Code does not have specific distance requirements between roadway connections, it is the City Engineer’s responsibility to apply best management practices on a case-by-case basis in accordance with various industry standard traffic control handbooks. Driveways in close proximity to other driveways and/or intersections create a situation where the driver must negotiate multiple conflicts. This situation can lead to poor safety and operational conditions. Proper driveway design can help minimize these concerns.

Driveway Design

Objectives of best practices for driveway design are:

  • Minimize the difference in speed between turning vehicles and through traffic.
  • Minimize the drainage impacts to the curb and gutter system.
  • Minimize encroachment of turning vehicles on adjacent lanes.
  • Provide adequate sight distance for drivers using the driveway (entering, exiting and approaching traffic). Sight distance considerations may include other roadway connections, on-street parking, landscaping and vegetation, physical features such as retaining walls and signage.
  • Provide sufficient operational area for traffic entering the site to prevent a “spillback” queue onto the public street.
  • To provide a clear and safe environment for all road users (vehicles of all kinds, cyclists, pedestrians, etc.).

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