Helpful Links:

  • Search for any property within the United States to look at potential flood risk indicators and ways to protect your property:

  • Provides outreach and education and a number of flood proofing type products for commercial and residential properties:
  • My Florida Safe Program helps homes become hurricane ready by providing free Wind Mitigation Inspections to homeowners that may lead to cost-share grant opportunities for door, window and roof upgrades:

  • University of Florida – IFAS Extension office for St. Johns County:

  • University of Florida –  a number of resources for Florida friendly plants/yards, green infrastructure etc.:

  • St Johns River Water Management District Waterwise Landscaping recommends water-efficient landscaping to help save water:

  • St. Johns County Flood Viewer to search for any properties and determine which flood zone they are located in. You can access the link here:

  • Sea level rise tool accessible through National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) that you can look at for properties for different types of scenarios, such as high tide flooding, sea level rise etc.:

  • FEMA flood maps:  

  • Jacksonville National Weather Service:

  • The Florida Climate Institute is concerned with achieving a better understanding of climate variability and change, and has valuable articles for those interested in learning more:  

  • Florida Living Shorelines information:

  • Green stormwater infrastructure (GSI) can be used to supplement or replace traditional gray stormwater infrastructure for managing the impacts of rain in urban areas. GSI reduces pollution and treats stormwater by retaining rainfall near its source instead of directing it to a centralized pond or treatment system.  These techniques deliver environmental, social and economic benefits to communities. When communities introduce green stormwater infrastructure, everyone wins:

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