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Learn more about the City's Archaeological Zones, historical sites, and ongoing research through interactive StoryMaps! Click on a resource below to explore more.

City of St. Augustine Archaeological Zones StoryMap

A total of 18 Archaeological Zones encompass areas within the city limits that are known or thought to contain buried cultural resources that contribute to the unique history of St. Augustine. Learn about which areas of the City are within designated Archaeology Zones and the types of cultural resources within each zone. 

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Mission Communities in St. Augustine StoryMap

Between the years of 1567 to 1705, a vast network of Spanish mission communities extended throughout the southeastern United States. Within that territory, Franciscan friars converted Native peoples of many different tribes and language groups to the Catholic faith. After many years of conflict between English and Spanish colonies and their Indian allies, the network of missions collapsed in the early 1700s. By 1706, the chain of missions was reduced to only a handful of refugee settlements, including several that were scattered around the outskirts of St. Augustine. This StoryMap explores the history of the mission system and ongoing archaeological investigations within communities located within the City limits. 

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