Short Term Rentals

The City Commission adopted rules for Short-Term Rentals in 2019. These regulations deal specifically with short-term vacation rentals. The basic requirements per zoning district are listed below (including how to locate your zoning district):

RS-1 & RS-2 Zoning -  may be rented for periods of one week or longer with approved registration. Nightly rentals are not allowed in RS-1 and RS-2 zoning. Please visit the FAQ section regarding clarification for the weekly rental requirement

HP-1 Zoning - may be rented on a monthly or greater period of time with approved registration.

All other Zoning Districts: may be rented on a nightly basis with approved registration.

FIND YOUR PROPERTY’S ZONING HERE - Search for your address in the top left corner, once your property is identified, click on your parcel to find your zone class: zone class RS-1 & RS-2 are weekly minimum rental period, zone class HP-1 has a monthly minimum rental period, and all other zone classes allow nightly rentals.

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Register Short Term Rentals

Registration Fees

The City Commission adopted the following tiered rate fee schedule with Resolution 2020-27: a Base Rate of $294.48 + $73.81 per rental bedroom. A late renewal fee is $100 and re-inspection fee is $50.

  • Studio* - $294.48 
  • One Bedroom - ($294.48 + $73.81) = $368.29
  • Two Bedrooms - ($294.48 + $147.62) = $442.10
  • Three Bedrooms - ($294.48 + $221.43) = $515.92
  • Four Bedrooms - ($294.48 + $295.24) = $589.73
  • Five or more Bedrooms - ($294.48 + $369.05) = $663.54

* - Studio/Efficiency spaces are limited to 2 occupants. A studio/efficiency is “A dwelling unit containing only one habitable room.”

Report a Violation

Life Safety Requirements

PLEASE NOTE: By issuance of this Short Term Rental Registration, the City of St. Augustine does not warranty the land use, zoning or final construction of any property or recognize that it is duly permitted or compliant with the Comprehensive Plan or land development regulations of the City.  The applicant is responsible for ensuring compliance with the City Comprehensive Plan, land development regulations and all ordinances of the City.