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West Augustine (2020)

The West Augustine Survey was recently funded by a DHR Small Matching grant ($50,000) and will begin in 2019. The yearlong survey will result in 600 or more structures within West Augustine and the neighborhood surrounding Fort Mose being recorded and added to the Florida Master Site File (FMSF) inventory. The consultants conducting the survey will also determine which structures are eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places, either individually or as part of a district. This data will be documented in their report of findings and in geospatial layers using GIS software.  

This grant was ranked #1 out of the CLG applications.

Resilient Heritage in the Nation’s Oldest City (2020)

Resilient Heritage in the Nation’s Oldest City is a publication that will be produced as a result of a DHR Small Matching grant ($50,000 with equal city matching funds). It will focus on the impacts of flooding events on the city and will examine the impact of sea level rise on the city's archaeological and historic resources. A project team will be selected to develop the publication with a perspective on policy, design, and economics.

This grant was ranked #1 out of 56 statewide grant applications.

Anastasia Island (2015)

The Anastasia Island Survey was completed in 2015 with a $50,000 DHR Small Matching Grant. The survey focused on recording structures in the Florida Master Site File (FMSF) and focused on buildings constructed before 1965 and located on Anastasia Island within the city’s jurisdiction.  In all, seven hundred and seventy-five (775) structures were identified, sixty-five (65) of which were previously recorded and seven hundred and ten (710) were newly recorded during the survey. Six hundred and thirty-two (632) were considered as eligible for designation or as a contributing resource to a National Register Historic District. The remaining were considered either ineligible or non-contributing. A related report and GIS layers were also created to describe the results of the survey. 

This grant was ranked #2 out of 10 CLG grants statewide.

St. Augustine National Register Historic District (2016)

The St. Augustine National Register Historic District Survey Report was funded by a $50,000 DHR Small Matching grant. The report was as a follow up to surveys completed between 1979 and 1981 and in 1999. The survey captured historic resources previously recorded as well as resources constructed after 1935 and during the “Restoration” era of Spanish Colonial reconstructions. 

In all, there were three hundred and forty-seven (347) resources surveyed. Of these, twenty-three (23) were newly recorded, three hundred and thirteen (313) were considered eligible for listing in the St. Augustine National Register District, and sixty-three (63) were considered to be potentially eligible for listing in an amended Town Plan National Historic Landmark district.

St. Augustine Town Plan Archaeology Inventory (2015)

The goal of this survey project was not to record additional archaeological sites but to conduct additional research and to record of all known archaeological investigations within the Spanish Colonial ‘walled city’ on Florida Master Site File forms. Funds from a DHR Small Matching grant ($75,000) covered the costs for a private consulting team to conduct this work. Many archaeological investigations have occurred over the course of 80 years and were not available for research outside of the city’s archaeology lab because there was limited documentation on file at the state office. A report on the project methodology was included along with geospatial data that recorded approximate survey locations and feature classes. 

This grant was ranked #2 out of 31 statewide grants.

St. Augustine Civil Rights Sites (2016)

The Civil Rights Survey identified properties related to the Civil Rights Movement in St. Augustine and evaluated them for consideration on the National Register of Historic Places.  The project was accomplished with funds from the DHR Small Matching grant program ($50,000).  This survey produced a Multiple Property Submission Cover form, National Register nomination forms for the properties considered eligible for listing, and Florida Master Site File Forms for sites and properties that had not been previously completed. The survey was completed in June of 2017. Designations of these sites can occur on an individual basis with additional research and review by the state historic preservation office.  

This grant was ranked #1 out of the statewide CLG grants.