Prepare for the Storm

  1. Disaster Plan
  2. Hurricane Wind Scale
  3. Terminology

Make sure you have a disaster plan considering the following:

  • Know Your Risk
    • Are you in a Hurricane Evacuation Zone?
    • Do you know what zone you're in?
  • Make a Disaster Kit
    • Gather Supplies and essential documents:
      • Banking information
      • Cash/Credit/Debit cards
      • Copies of wills/titles/passports
      • Drivers License/ID
      • Insurance documents
      • Medical records
    • Consider making an inventory of your household with a video device)
  • Keep Your Contact Information Up to To-Date
    • Personal Contacts: Family, Friends
    • Household Contacts: Banking, Insurance and Medical contacts.
  • Think Ahead About Evacuation
    • Determine if and when to evacuate
    • Where will you go and how will you get there.
  •  Do You Have A Special Need?
    • Consider disabilities or special medical needs that may require additional time, energy or resources to safely evacuate.
  • Don’t forget about your pets!
  • Pets entering a shelter with you are required to be current on all vaccinations and wearing proper identifying tag and rabies tag. Also, don’t forget an appropriately sized crate/carrier, food, collars, medications, toys and cleaning supplies/litter for your pet.
  • A current picture of you and your pet is also suggested.
  • There are two pet friendly shelters in the county, one in the north at Timberland Creek Elementary School (555 Pine Tree Lane, 32092) and one in the south at South Woods Elementary School (4750 SR to 206 W, 32033).