Public Service Announcements

  1. Archaeology in St. Augustine
  2. Bridge of Lions Schedule
  3. Davenport Park/Library Parking Lot
  4. Daylight Savings Time: Change Smoke Detector Batteries
  5. Fire Prevention: Every Second Counts
  6. Get Connected
  7. Holiday Driving Safety Message from the Chiefs
  8. Hurricane Irma: City of St. Augustine Pictures
  9. Hurricane Irma: A Message from City Manager John Regan
  10. Hurricane Irma: Message from Fire Chief Aviles & Chief Fox
  11. Hurricane Irma: Message from Harbormaster Sam Adukiewicz
  12. Hurricane Irma: A Message from Mayor Nancy Shaver
  13. Hurricane Irma: Police Department Morning Shift Reminder
  14. Hurricane Irma: Police Department Overnight Shift Reminder
  15. Keep Leaves Out of the Drain
  16. La marina municipal de St. Augustine (en Francais)
  17. Pay Station Demonstration
  18. School Zone Speed Compliance
  19. St. Augustine Fire Department: Open Burning Fire Code
  20. St. Augustine Fire Department: Space Heater Safety
  21. St. Augustine Police Department: Twitter Traffic Updates
  22. St. Augustine Police Department: We Are Here to Help (Multi-lingual)
  23. St. Augustine Recycling
  24. Understanding Demolition
  25. Welcome to St. Augustine Municipal Marina