Fire Department

St. Augustine Fire Department Nations Oldest CityThe St. Augustine Fire Department was created through a City of St. Augustine Ordinance in 1902 to provide fire services to the residents and visitors of Historic St. Augustine by a paid and professional fire department.  In addition to providing fire suppression, hazardous materials mitigation and emergency medical services, the St. Augustine Fire Department provides many other services related to protecting the lives and property of its citizens. The Department operates under the direction of Fire Chief Carlos Aviles and is made up of three divisions; Administration, Prevention, Training, and Firefighting.

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Our Mission Statement

The Mission of the St Augustine Fire Department is to protect the lives and property of its citizens from losses resulting from fire, medical and other disasters by providing progressive and responsive service in the areas of public education, fire suppression, fire safety inspections, code enforcement, emergency medical services, confined space rescue, water rescue and emergency preparedness in a cost-effective manner with the maximum utilization of available resources by a highly trained and equipped team of professional firefighters.