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Resources regarding the panhandling ordinance

PowerPoint and maps help explain the new rules

Click to preview the presentationWith the adoption of Ordinance 2018-06, the St. Augustine City Commission established new restrictions on panhandling throughout the city starting on April 6, 2018.

The ordinance prohibits aggressive panhandling and allows enforcement of distance based regulations that designate restricted areas in which panhandling and begging are not permitted.

The City Attorney’s office developed a brief PowerPoint presentation that offers a succinct description of the ordinance, the restricted areas, and sample maps illustrating those areas. To access that presentation, Begging, Panhandling, And Solicitation, click here.

Maps showing restricted areas are available for the entire city divided into 76 sections so as to offer greater detail for users. Here’s how to access a map:

  1. First, use the Panhandling Ordinance Map Directory to determine the number of an area map.
  2. Then click on the link below corresponding to the selected map’s number.
  3. Using the “figure number” in the top left corner of the map, scroll to the specific map.

Using the directory, the area around St. George St. and Cathedral Place is determined to be on Map 33. Then by clicking on the Area Map 17-33 link and following the figure number in the top left corner of each map, Figure 1-33 is located.