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Site visitors inquire about proposal requirements for Coquina Ave. property

July 12, 2019 UPDATE: At the close of business on Friday, July 12, proposals will no longer be accepted.  The City Commission is expected to consider the recommended proposals at its August 12 meeting.  When available, the meeting agenda will be available online.  The August 12 meeting will be streamed live online at

In response to strong public interest in the request for proposals to take ownership of and relocate the structure located at 91 Coquina Ave., a property recently purchased by the City of St. Augustine, the city hosted an open house on Monday, June 17. 

While the purpose of this event was to provide access to the property to interested parties so they might inspect and preview the structure, their questions generated further discussion to understand what the city is looking for in these proposals.

“People have driven by this building for decades and recognized it as something unique and different compared with other buildings in the neighborhood,” said Jenny Wolfe, Historic Preservation Officer for the City of St. Augustine, “In recent years it has been seen as abandoned and in a state of disrepair; however, when you step inside and see the condition and wood details of the interior of the house, it becomes an entirely different discussion.”

The following Frequently Asked Questions offer a clearer understanding of what to provide when submitting a proposal:

Q: What do I need to include in the proposal?
A: The request for proposal provides an outline of what information and details should be included in the written proposal.  Interested parties will submit a completed written proposal to the Grant Administration Coordinator, by Friday, July 12 at 5:00pm, in order to be considered for evaluation.  

Q: When does the structure need to be removed from the property?
A: The structure currently sits in a portion of the area where the drainage project will be constructed.  The city is asking that the structure be removed no later than September 27, 2019.  Progress on the drainage project and the passive park schedules will be directly impacted by the removal of the structure from the property.

Q: How does the structure get disconnected from any attachments to the physical property?
A: The new owner will be responsible for all disconnection of services, such as utilities, as well as structural components, such as the front or rear porch.  When the structure is raised and secured for transport, it is likely that the porches will detach.  The new owner will be required to either remove the porch debris from the premises themselves or make arrangements with the Solid Waste Division to set the debris aside for removal by the city.

Q: How much does this cost?
A: The structure is offered “as is” with no assigned value. When removing the structure, it is the sole responsibility of the new owner to repair any damage in right-of-ways, to sidewalks, or to other public or private property along its path.  This includes making way for transport as it pertains to power lines, tree canopies, etc.

Q: Who pays to have the structure and excess debris removed?
A: The structure is offered “as is” with no assigned value. The city will waive any building permit fees necessary for only the removal of the structure; however, the permits must still be applied for. Additionally, the city will contribute up to $5000 toward the removal of the structure, provided that invoices or estimates are submitted for proof of expenditures or anticipated costs.

Q: Do I need to have a contractor or service provider selected when I submit the proposal?
A: At the time you submit the proposal, a named licensed contractor/service provider is not required. In order to relocate the structure, a licensed contractor will be required.

Q: Do I have to live in the structure? (How will the structure be used once relocated)
A: The City Commission has stated their goal is to have the property preserved and restored to its original style and context.  How one decides to use it is for that individual to determine, whether it serves as a house, a museum, an attraction, a gift shop, or something otherwise.

Q: What about the detached garage?
A:  The detached garage structure was not included with the original solicitation; however, many have asked about it.  If the structure is something of interest, describe what you would do with it, or how you might use it.

Q: Once I move it, can I just salvage parts of it or demolish it anyway?
A: No.  The applicant must be willing to enter into a preservation covenant to restore the building.  A copy of the preservation covenant is included with the request for proposal.

Q: What if I have a sentimental attachment to the property?
A: Many who attended the open house shared memories of growing up “just down the street” from the house and what the structure means to them.  If you have a personal experience or story to tell, please share it in your proposal.

Q: I missed the open house on June 17.  Can I make arrangements to see the structure?
A: No. If you missed the open house, please watch this short preview video.  We cannot schedule private showings and there will not be another open house.

In order to be considered for evaluation for this acquisition, a complete written request for proposal must be submitted to the Grant Administration Coordinator, in person or via email at by Friday, July 12, 2019.  All submitted proposals will be evaluated by a committee composed of city staff.  Those proposals meeting the requirements as set forth will be presented to the City Commission at the regularly scheduled City Commission meeting on Monday, August 12, for further review.  Individuals whose proposals are selected to be reviewed by the City Commission will be notified no less than five days prior to the August 12 meeting and may be asked to appear before the City Commission to answer additional questions.