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Improvements offer better water quality, increased water pressure, and fire flow

The North City Water Main Improvements project will replace aging cast iron water mains in the Uptown Neighborhood and relocate potable water point-of-services from backyard alleys to the street front in order to provide improved water quality, water pressure, fire flow, and reduced service interruptions.  Overall, system-wide customers will also benefit from improved water quality and service.

Prior to the start of the project in late January, the City of St. Augustine will host a public meeting on Thursday, January 10, 2019, from 5:00pm to 7:00pm, in The Alcazar Room of City Hall, to provide visual aids and answer any questions from the community regarding the project.  The project contractor, T B Landmark Construction, Inc., and the design consultant Four Waters Engineering, will be available also to answer questions.  View/Download the construction information flyer for full project details. 

As part of the scope of the project, the project contractor will furnish, install, and perform the following work:

  • Remove and place out-of-service existing old cast iron (CI) potable water mains
  • Install 8,000 linear feet of new 6-, 8-, and 10-inch PVC and HDPE potable water mains
  • Remove, replace, and install new fire hydrants
  • Relocate existing back-alley water services to new street-front water mains
  • Reroute private plumbing for new street-front water service
  • Paving - Full width mill and resurface existing asphalt roadways impacted by construction

The affected streets include: Hope St; Cincinnati Ave; unnamed alley; Loring St; First St; Rohde Ave; East Ln; DuPont Ln; and Grove Ave.

During the construction phase, the contractor will make every effort to provide access to resident’s entrances to driveways, subdivisions and businesses during the day. There may be times when driveways or entrances may be inaccessible, but our intent is to minimize any inconveniences to the local residents and businesses during this project phase, and we ask for your patience as this project progresses. At the end of each weekday, the excavation areas will be backfilled and compacted; and all residential and business driveways should be accessible. The contractor will be videotaping the entire project area prior to starting the construction to verify the existing conditions. The contractor may also be contacting property owners to identify any irrigation systems located within the construction areas. Any damage caused by construction will be repaired by the contractor at no cost to the owner.

This Public Works project was approved by the City Commission as part of the City of St. Augustine Capital Improvement Plan. For questions concerning the project, contact the city’s construction inspector, Brett Brown, at 904.825.1040 or send an email to  The Project Manager for the City of St. Augustine is Stephen Slaughter, P.E., and may be reached at 904.825.1040 or by email at