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Certain Planning and Building fees waived

Just ahead of the arrival of Hurricane Irma, City Manager John Regan issued an administrative order that states:

  1. No building or tree removal permit fees will be charged to homeowners for removal or demolition of storm damage material from their homes or property; and
  2. No building permit fees will be charged for owner-builder building permits for repair work done to residences from damage related to Hurricane Irma; and
  3. Dock permits to reconstruct existing docks as they were designed and configured before Hurricane Irma, will be expedited and issued by the Planning and Building Department; and
  4. Homeowners who must apply to the Historic Architectural Review Board (HARB) for a Certificate of Demolition for their home because of damage associated with Hurricane Irma will not be required to pay a filing fee.

For more information, call the Planning and Building Department at 904.825.1065.

Utility late fees and disconnects temporarily suspended

In response to the devastating impact Hurricane Imra had on some of the city's residential and commercial utility customers, the city has temporarily suspended charging late fees and disconnecting water customers for non-payment as we recover and rebuild our community.

Anyone who was heavily impacted by the storm and needs special assistance with their utility bill, should contact the Customer Service Department to discuss a solution by calling 904.825.1037 or emailing