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Changes to commercial accounts include review by Public Works

Commercial Utility Account Review Form

When a new business opens, there is often more to do than just updating the floor plan, adding a fresh coat of paint, and acquiring your business license.  After visiting the city’s Planning & Building Department, check with the city’s Public Works Department before committing to a business location, or before expanding an existing business.  Public Works staff will help ensure that various utility and solid waste requirements don’t sneak up on you.  View/Download the Commercial Utility Account Review Form to get started.

The Public Works Department wants to remind business owners of several considerations before deciding on a new location or before expanding an existing business.  For example, if a location was once retail space, but will now be used as a hair salon, additional plumbing requirements will need to be satisfied, and utility fees might be due for the “change-of-use”.  Even if the previous use was similar to the proposed business, for example converting a bakery into a café, or starting a new restaurant where an old restaurant once was, plumbing equipment such as backflow prevention and grease interception will need to meet current codes, rules and requirements for the new business.

So, to have a successful start, consider the following:

  • Are you starting a new business?
  • Are you changing or expanding the “use” at the location from previous operation?
  • Are you relocating your business? The new location may not meet the same standards as the location from which you moved.
  • Is a dumpster or dumpster enclosure required at the location?
  • Will the new business trigger utility fees for change-of-use or additional use?
  • The water service line may require backflow preventer installation, testing, repair, or even replacement if not functioning properly.
  • The business may require a new or expanded grease interceptor.  If one exists at the location, it may require inspection, repair, or even replacement if not sized correctly or not functioning properly.

Send an email directly to with your completed Commercial Utility Account Review form, or call Public Works at 904-825-1040. The Public Works Department is located on the 4th Floor of City Hall at 75 King Street; use Lobby “B” elevator.  To view this form and additional Public Works permits, forms and applications, visit the Public Works Department Doc Center.