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Flagler’s Model Land Company Neighborhood Association partners with institutions on its grant project

The City of St. Augustine’s annual neighborhood grant program for 201602017 fiscal year awarded funds to four of the city’s neighborhood associations for a variety of projects. With the deadline of September 8 for completion, funded projects are rapidly coming to a close.

One of the projects is a beautification project developed by the Flagler’s Model Land Company Neighborhood Association that was recently completed in close collaboration with Ancient City Baptist Church and Flagler College that resulted in updated signage for parking lots and landscaping that both screened the lots and enhanced the streetscape.

Using $2,500 from the grant program, the association was able to secure matching funds from the two institutions to enhance the border of the college’s parking lot on Markland Place and the church’s lots on Carrera St. and Sevilla St. Additionally, the partnership resulted in the installation of decorative signposts at the church’s Sevilla St. lot which are more conducive to the historic neighborhood.

Flagler Parking     ParkingSign1,jpg
 Flagler College parking lot on Markland Ave.      Upgraded parking lot signage

Other neighborhood associations receiving grants were Greater Fullerwood Neighborhood Association for a marker documenting the history of the neighborhood; St. Augustine North Davis Shores (SANDS) Neighborhood Association for the installation of pet waste stations and the development of an text alert system; and Old City South Neighborhood Association for the development of a web site. All of these will be featured in upcoming stories on the city’s web site.

Information for the 2017-2018 Neighborhood Grant Program will be made available closer to October 1, the start of the fiscal year.