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Projects located in Flagler Model Land and Old City South neighborhoods

The City of St. Augustine will be conducting two separate sidewalk projects starting on Monday, July 24. Both projects include the installation of sidewalks where currently there are none.

riberia2crop1One project is along the west side of Riberia St. between Valencia St. and Carrera St. (pictured left, and near completion pictured right) and the other in an area along St. George St. south of Bridge St. adjacent to St. Francis Park (pictured below).riberianew2

The need for these sidewalks became evident during last spring’s mobility walks during which residents took time to meet with city staff and literally walk their neighborhood streets to point out specific improvements needed to increase access and safety.

These two projects are a direct result of residents of the Flagler Model Land Neighborhood Association and the Old City Sough Neighborhood Association providing their input to city staff.

stgeo2cropWeather permitting, the projects will begin next week and are expected to be completed mid to late August, and are being funded by the city’s mobility initiative.

For more information call 904.825.1040 or email

 To learn more about the city’s overall mobility program, visit