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City staff will share plan with the public tonight

June 21 at 6:00pm in The Alcazar Room, City Hall, 75 King St.

San Marco Resurface Circulator PosterWhen the public information meeting regarding San Marco Ave. begins on Wednesday evening at City Hall, city staff will announce a compromise between two options that have been discussed for the corridor.

San Marco Ave., as part of state highway A1A, is under the management of the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) which plans a major resurfacing project in spring 2018. When the road is resurfaced it will have to be restriped, opening up the door for a possible reconfiguration of lanes and parking spaces.

The two options discussed thus far have been to either leave the stripping as is with parking spaces and two lanes of vehicular traffic, or reconfigure the lanes to create space for a dedicated transit/bicycle lane.

The compromise proposed by city staff is includes some of both options.

The proposal would install a shared transit/bicycle lane north of Hope St., and south of Hope St. retain on-street parking and have the transit lane merge with regular traffic. That portion of San Marco Ave. south of Hope St., known as Uptown, has the densest business district along San Marco Ave., has the least available off-street parking, and thus is most dependent on the existing on-street parking spaces.

The transit lane will be southbound only and used during special event shuttling, completing its loop by using U.S. 1 northbound. The route also includes designated stops in the neighborhoods along San Marco Ave. and in Uptown. Also, slow moving sightseeing vehicles will make use of the transit lane allowing for improved traffic flow.

After meetings with the most affected parties along San Marco Ave., Reuben Franklin, the city’s mobility manager, says that the compromise balances the needs of residents and businesses.

“In addition to proposing this compromise plan, the city will also work with FDOT to identify parking spaces that may not have to be eliminated and work to keep them in place,” explained Franklin. “The city will also pursue increasing public parking in the Uptown area by formalizing parking in the areas zoned commercial on Rohde Ave. and Cincinnati Ave. and by identifying and improving pocket parking lots just off San Marco Ave.”

“The community has strongly stated that mobility is its number one goal,” said Franklin. “By reshaping traffic patterns along San Marco Ave. to allow more transportation options for residents from surrounding neighborhoods and visitors to travel into business districts, the community will take a big step towards achieving its goal of better mobility.”

Wednesday’s public information meeting is scheduled for 6:00pm in The Alcazar Room, City Hall, 75 King St.

Input gathered at the meeting and from others will be presented to the City Commission at its July 10 meeting, also in The Alcazar Room, starting at 5:00pm. That meeting may be viewed live on GTV, Comcast Channel 3 or at

For more information about the project or the public meetings, call 904.825.1040 or email