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10 Frequently Asked Questions about San Marco Transportation Alternative

  1. What is the project area?
    The project area is Hwy A1A from the Bridge of Lions north to SR-16, which includes Avenida Menendez north of the bridge, S. Castillo Dr., and San Marco Ave. south of SR-16. The road is owned by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT).
  2. What part of San Marco is being resurfaced?
    All of the project area will be resurfaced, but only San Marco Ave. is being considered for a change in lane use and parking. Parking is not available along S. Castillo Dr. and the current parking configuration on Avenida Menendez will remain unchanged. San Marco Ave. north of SR-16 is not an FDOT highway, but rather part of the city’s road network and is not affected by this project.
  3. What are the options being consider by the city for San Marco Ave.?
    When stating its preference, the city may choose one of two possible scenarios for the future of San Marco Ave.
    • Option 1:  On street parking between S. Castillo and SR-16 remains as it is currently, but is reduced by 40% (from 125 to 75 spaces) by FDOT to improve sight distance at intersections, and all lanes designated as shared lanes by adding sharrows.

      Option 1 - San Marco Transportation Alternative
    • Option 2: Improve transportation options between S. Castillo Dr. and SR-16 by using current parking areas to add a northbound bike lane and a southbound bike/transit lane.

      Option 2 - San Marco Transportation Alternative

      In the case of Option 2, the city will introduce an improved system of side street parking and small off-street parking lots to support businesses in the area and will add a trolley/transit stop in the Uptown area to further enhance pedestrian accessibility to businesses.

      Mobility: Side Street Parking & Lots, Uptown San Marco Business District
  4. How many parking spaces are there in the project on San Marco Ave.?
    Currently there are 125 spaces between S. Castillo Dr. and SR-16. FDOT has indicated that it will remove 50 of the spaces.
  5. Why must FDOT remove some parking spaces?
    FDOT has determined that some parking spaces are in areas that no longer meet its standards for safety. For instance, some parking spaces are close to another street’s intersection with San Marco Ave. making it difficult for drivers to clearly see oncoming traffic.
  6. Does the project only involve resurfacing?
    While resurfacing is the bulk of the work, the project also includes improvements to pedestrian crosswalks throughout the project area, from the Bridge of Lions north on Hwy A1A to SR-16.
  7. Why not wait until after May St. intersection is complete? The redevelopment of San Marco Ave./May St. intersection, set to begin this fall will only affect that specific area while this project encompasses the two-mile stretch of Hwy A1A from the Bridge of Lions to SR-16., so it is possible to complete this project and its improvements well before the intersection project is completed.
  8. Could the city increase parking availability just off San Marco Ave.?
    The city is working to introduce an improved system of side street parking and developing small off-street parking lots to support businesses along San Marco Ave.
  9. What are the opportunities for community input?
    Before determining its preference for reconfiguration of San Marco Ave.’s lanes and parking, the community will have several opportunities to learn more and weigh in with its viewpoints.
    • June 12/5:00pm: City staff will present information about the project to the City Commission on during its regular meeting at which time the Commission will ask clarifying questions and discuss the project and some of the available options.  
    • June 21/6:00pm: The city will host an informational meeting for the public where maps and drawings will be available for viewing and staff available to answer questions.
    • June 26/5:00pm: The City Commission will again discuss the project and options and may entertain a decision at that time.
      All three meetings will be held in The Alcazar Room, City Hall, 75 King St. City Commission meetings begin at 5:00pm and offer a time for public input. The public informational meeting begins at 6:00pm allowing time for one-on-one discussions with city staff. Commission meetings may be seen live on GTV/Comcast Channel 3 or on
  10. Is there one option or another that works better with the city’s stated vision for its future?
    In drafting 2014 and Beyond, the city’s vision plan, the community led committee identified two topics of critical concerns: livability and traffic/parking. Regarding the second, the committee stated in its report:
    • Traffic and parking were consistently identified in every conversation with every group, thus we recommend that the first priority of the City be developing and implementing a holistic solution that encompasses parking solutions, alternative means of transport, creative uses of existing assets, and accessibility.
    • Leaving San Marco Ave. as is will maintain the status quo and not move the community closer to fulfilling its stated vision. Considering a reconfiguration and allows for greater flexibility in transportation modes, enhances pedestrian safety and access, and allows for the use of transit vehicles takes a giant step towards realizing a priority element of livability.

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