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SR313image500May St./San Marco Ave. intersection is top of the list followed by SR 313

During the March 13 City Commission meeting, Public Work Director Martha Graham shared and the Commission approved a list of seven priority transportation improvements developed by staff that will be forwarded to the North Florida Transportation Planning Organization (NFTPO).

Top of the list is a major project that will begin this summer, the reconfiguration of the May St./San Marco Ave./West San Carlos Ave. intersections.

But, while the number one item will become a reality in the near future, the number two project is still years away. The State Road (SR) 313 project, planned to run from SR 207 to US 1, providing an alternative by-pass to US 1 for traffic needing to move through the corridor, will reduce congestion and delays associated with St. Augustine proper.

The St. Johns County Board of County Commissioners first requested the SR 313 project of the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) 29 years ago in 1988. Since then a number of the required preliminary studies have been completed including environmental impact studies and analysis of traffic in the area to determine the need for the new highway.

As planned SR 313 would consist of two sections. The first would be the south segment that runs from the intersection of SR 207/SR 312 to SR 16 at Kenton Morrison Rd. The north section would run from that intersection to US 1 connecting approximately three miles north of the Northeast Florida Regional Airport.

To see a map of the route of the proposed SR 313, click here.

While some of the south segment of SR 313’s right-of-way acquisition and draft design is complete, $147 million is needed to complete the project with construction not expected for another five years.

Work on the north segment at an estimated $108 million has not begun and is not anticipated for funding until Fiscal Year 2023/2024.

The remaining priority transportation projects approved by the Commission are:

  • construction of a King St. drainage project east of US 1;
  • planning and construction of a context sensitive, or complete street, for King St. from US 1 to the Bridge of Lions;
  • planning for context sensitive roadwork along SR A1A from May St. to the Bridge of Lions (San Marco Ave/S. Castillo Dr./Avenida Menendez);
  • construction of sidewalks along US 1 from San Sebastian View to SR 207;
  • a project to widen and add a multi-use path along S. Dixie Hwy from SR 207 to King St.; and
  • reconfiguration of the intersection of SR A1A (Anastasia Blvd) at Red Cox Dr. that would also incorporate analysis and implementation of safety improvements along Anastasia Blvd.

The city is able to present this prioritized list directly to the NFTPO because of its membership in the organization. In the past the city would submit its priorities to St. Johns County’s transportation staff which would then prioritize the projects along with county projects before being approved by the St. Johns County Board of County Commissioners and then sent to the NFTPO.