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Wednesday, February 7, 2018:  The Confederate Memorial Contextualization Advisory Committee (CMCAC) appointed Chairman Thomas Jackson and Vice-Chairman Regina Phillips.   The next CMCAC meeting will be on Wednesday, February 21 at 3:00pm.  

The scope of the Confederate Memorial Contextualization Advisory Committee (CMCAC) is to:

  • Identify gaps in St. Augustine’s Civil War history and create a continuing journey to recognize the city’s unique and diverse history by seeking public input regarding contextualization; 
  • Recommend a contextualization plan/implementation; 
  • Provide order of magnitude cost and financing options; 
  • Provide a process going forward that is transparent, inclusive, and aligned with the City of St. Augustine’s Vision Statement.

As stated in the City of St. Augustine Vision - 2014 & Beyond:

  • St. Augustine will be a livable, authentic, waterfront city that builds upon its rich history and environment to create a distinctive community character founded on a healthy and vibrant economy, a diverse mix of people and experiences, and a valuing of its natural assets.