Stormwater Utility Fee FAQ

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Stormwater Utility Fee FAQ

In April 2014, the City of St. Augustine adjusted its stormwater utility fees as a result of a review and update of the billing structure at that time. Customers fees are currently as follows:

Small home - impervious area less than 1,444 sq-ft   $ 3.64/month 
Average home - impervious area between 1,444 and 4,400 sq-ft     $ 7.00/month 
Large home - impervious area greater than 4,400 sq-ft    $ 11.20/month 
Multifamily unit - condos, apartments, duplex, etc.    $ 2.66/month 
Mobile home    $ 5.95/month 
Non-residential customers    $ 7.00/billing unit/month 

Why does the city need a stormwater fee?

What is an impervious area?

What is an SFU?

I think my fee is incorrect: what should I do?