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Talking Trash

The Department of Public Works, Solid Waste Division is responsible for all residential trash, residential recycling, and residential yard debris; as well as commercial trash, commercial recycling, and commercial debris removal. Collection services run year-round, including all major holidays with the exception of Christmas Day. Any delays or changes to the pick-up schedule in these cases will be announced here, on the events calendar or on the Home page of the website. 

Waste Audits can be done for diversion tactics, on residential and commercial garbage, along with offering a variety of internal recycling programs.  Additionally, we also have a city ordinance requiring the use of an approved franchise hauler when removing construction and demolition debris. Click to view our Construction and Demolition Collection Policies.

For questions, inquires for service, special services or a request, please call the Solid Waste office directly, 904-825-1049 or send us an email:

  • - for general inquiries about trash, yard waste, missed pick-ups, scheduling or additional services such as construction & demolition debris, dumpster rentals or bulk removal. 
  • - for inquiries specific to household recycling, commercial recycling, events, appliances, shredding, electronics, batteries and hazardous waste.