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Commercial Collection and Services

Carts, Dumpsters and Compactors


Commercial businesses are provided with a 2-, 4-, 6-, or 8-yard capacity dumpster, or a 96-gallon wheeled cart for trash services, depending on the location, description, and characteristics of the business.


Businesses can obtain a 96-gallon wheeled cart or a recycling dumpster, for a flat fee.

Service Schedule

Commercial trash/recycle collection schedules for businesses are tailored to meet the needs of the customer. Contact Solid Waste to discuss your commercial needs for pricing 904-825-1049 or send an email.

Waste Audit

The Division of Solid Waste can also provide businesses with a waste audit and review of waste handling practices.  Staff will review your present waste handling practices and may recommend recycling and reduction options.   To request a waste audit, call 904-825-1049 during normal business hours or send an email.

Construction/Demolition Debris

According to City Code, all contractors performing services related to tree removal or trimming, landscaping, and construction, including roofing, are required to remove all debris.  You can request 30-yard roll–off dumpster's for clean-up of construction projects.  Call 904-825-1049 for pull rates and location assessments for estimate of costs.  Read our Construction and Demolition Collection Policies.

48-hour advance notice to the Solid Waste Division is required when requesting removal of debris by the city.