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HAWKHave you seen the HAWK Pedestrian Signal? Pedestrians press a button at the crosswalk that prompts a yield/stop signal for vehicular traffic to give right-of-way to pedestrians in the crosswalk. 

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Reuben500        Xavier Pellicer, Mobility Program Coordinator
 Reuben Franklin,
Mobility Program Manager
   Xavier "X" Pellicer,
Mobility Coordinator

Call the Mobility Office at 904-825-4211, or contact the Public Works Department at 904-825-1040. For email correspondence, send an email to Mobility@CityStAug.com.

Mobility in St. Augustine

Within the framework of any city government, multiple departments play a role in planning, operations, enforcement and engineering initiatives aimed towards maintaining and improving mobility.  Coordinating the various city departments that play a role in mobility is the responsibility of our Mobility Coordinator. 

Consider Vision 2014, the city's strategic action plan, where mobility was identified as the number one priority in addressing the viability and livability concerns of our city.  Mobility presents one of the largest challenges facing our city leaders today, as they navigate the obstacles of population growth, commercial expansion and increasing tourism.

Through extensive teamwork and engaging a wide array of stakeholders (including the Florida Department of Transportation, St. Johns County, the North Florida Transportation Planning Organization, the Tourist Development Council, hospitality industry, local attractions, local employers and local residents), the City of St. Augustine has created a Mobility Initiative.  With oversight from LittleJohn, and community input and participation, an executable course of action will be developed to mitigate and reduce the mobility challenge in the city.

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