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Bicycles: Routes & Parking

With new and additional bicycle parking locations, our goal is to encourage and facilitate a greater use of bicycles around town.  Whether residents and visitors are attending events or simply coming to visit the downtown’s historic area, by providing these convenient bicycle parking locations, we can minimize parking on private property or along the rights-of-way, and eliminate using street signs and other fixtures as a means to secure bicycles.  In turn, this will keep the sidewalks clear and offer safer and easier walkability throughout St. Augustine.

Bike Rack Locations:

By Design

To help ensure the parking areas will be used, the city gave great consideration to the specific and functional needs of the bicyclists: a parking structure that supports the bicycle in two places (which allows both the frame and the wheel to be secured, thus helping to reduce theft), and also, is adaptable to either front or back-in parking.

You will find the bicycle parking racks are not the old familiar tire-holder model, which does not support the bicycle properly, but rather are the post-and-ring design recommended by the 2011 St. Augustine Bike Plan, compiled by the North Florida TPO and Sprinkle Consulting.

The Historic Architectural Review Board approved the design of the parking racks as a component of the Historic Downtown Streetscape Guidelines.